Children's Hairdressing

Children's haircuts by friendly professionals in Didcot

We offer haircut services for children of all ages.
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A child getting haircut

Experienced children's hairdressers

Every parent knows the difficulty of getting through their child's haircut visits. Rest assured, at Unique we have a team of experienced children's hairdresser who'll make your child feel comfortable and relaxed and make the visit a fun and enjoyable experience for both of you. 
children's hairdressers

Get your hair styled while you wait

While your child is getting a haircut from a skilled and friendly hairdresser, you can treat yourself to a few of our professional salon services. We offer hair colouring and styling services for both ladies and gents.
A little girl's hair styled

Children 0-5 years
Children 6-8 years
Children 8-11 years
Senior stylist

£15 - £20
£20 - £25
£20 - £30

Graduate    Junior stylist

£10.00             £10.00
£15.00             £15.00
£17.00             £17.00
Blow dry not included in children's service - additional charge of £10.
Adult prices apply for children's Saturday appointments.
Unique in Didcot has a team of hairdressers who specialise in children's haircuts.
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